Print journalism is Still Alive

It is great to read that print journalism is not dying, it is only evolving. Digital journalism is the new age journalism. Hardly anyone buys papers anymore. Have you noticed that babies and little kids are drawn to technology? Everyone gets their information for a mobile device, or desktop computer.

I recently asked my friend if she had money for her books next semester, and she informed me that she does not buy books anymore, she finds the PDF. Journalism is not the only form that is becoming digital. I told her, I still buy books because there is something about having a hard copy, and physically turning the pages. However, maybe only a writer can have such an obsession with books.

Digital journalism will not kill print journalism, it will only enhance it. Once an article is printed, it can not be changed. That is how digital journalism is different. Blog post or web articles can be updated continuously. Although journalists frown upon bloggers, bloggers just relay the news in a more conversational way, like an opinion column. Also, newspapers can create their own website, and blog and keep in touch with their readers.

Twitter has also been a huge help for journalist. As they tweet, their stories, and name is being circulated, and seen by many people, all with 140 characters, and a link to the full story. In the movie, The Best Man Holiday, an author and his agent were having a conversation about his recent novel. The agent says, “People only have enough attention for 140 characters, not 140 characters!” as he gestures to the novel in his hand. This quote is a good example as to why digital journalism, and the digital age is enhancing all forms of writing, from news articles, to prose.

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